pykoi is an open-source data curation platform for LLMs. Using pykoi, everyone can build robust language models through faster data curation using both human and machine feedback. We provide support for each step in the MLOps cycle, from data labeling, model monitoring, to RLHF.

Getting started is easy, simply pip install the pykoi library:

pip install pykoi

then import the library into Python:

import pykoi as pk


This project is under active development!

Using pykoi, one may easily:

  • Collect data and feedback from the users of your language models

  • Compare the performance of models to each other

  • Apply reinforcement learning with human feedback to your models

  • Create data labeling and annotation tasks for your own users

  • Finetune your model to personal files

  • Understand how users are using your language models

Our goal is to close the gap between active learning and data collection. We make it easy to produce feedback on your own models, and to finetune the models thereafter.